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Welcome to Odessa
To be hospitable, the hotel needs to love, inspire, be useful to his guests and staff.

When you live and work in Odessa, you understand that there are so many amazing people here that sometimes you want to meet no wonder person, in order to stabilize the perception.

The staff of our hotel has ambitions to anticipate the desires of the Guests and provide excellent service, and make the hotel a second home for our Guests.

The ability to communicate with people and find common language with them is a necessary acquired skill that each of our employees has, because nothing brings people closer together than travel.

Every person in a different mood is different. Thats why, this text is about all of us who are so different, and despite this, we are still together in our city and our hotel.

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Welcome to OdessaWelcome to Odessa
Only on the official website of our hotel you can find special offers for booking rooms with the most favorable conditions, that will make your staying in the hotel as comfortable as possible and fully meet your needs
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