Odessa is a city of perspectives. City of love. City of desires. City of memories. City by the sea …

To get pleasure from staying in Odessa, to feel its unique “Odessa” spirit, first of all Guests or your partners need, to choose the right hotel.

Hotel boutique “De Volan” – a huge part of our live, purpose and mission. Thanks to you, we are developing by improving the art of hospitality.

The hotel needs to love, inspire, be useful to its guests and staff, to be hospitable.

When you are living and working in Odessa, you understand that there are so many amazing people here that sometimes you want to meet no wander, in order to stabilize the perception.

The staff of our hotel has ambitions to anticipate the desires of the Guests and provide excellent service, and make the hotel a second home for our Guests.

The ability to communicate with people and find common language with them is a necessary acquired skill, which every employee has, because nothing brings people closer together than travel.

Every person in a different mood is different. Therefore, this text is about all of us who are so different, and despite this, we are still together in our city and in our hotel.

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